Saturday, February 25, 2012

What do Tories really believe?

Watching the BBC News mid morning today I was both amazed and amused to hear a Tory MP claim the underlying reason for Burger King's withdrawal from the Government's Work Scheme was because of communist inspired action! What era are they living in?  Whilst I'm sure there are left wing activists around with motivations linked to past times, such statements are a bit anachronistic at best! Later his factual assertion that the scheme didn't involve principles of slave labour was perhaps less of a gaff and more an unfortunate choice of description.  What we need to realise was that the individual concerned, doubtless a loyal and efficient MP, used to be an aide to David Cameron and, later, was his Press Secretary before Andy Coulson.

 It was also reported by the BBC that the actual withdrawal by Burger King was a consequence of representations from the public and that a meeting was to be held next week within Government to examine the misgivings of various business organisations with the scheme.

Perhaps all this might lead to Burger King offering new lines....the Moscow Mega or,even, the Putin Platter!

In later editions the BBC chose to first of all edit the piece and ,then, leave it out altogether.

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