Friday, February 17, 2012

Water crisis in Britain.

It's seems a bit improbable that reports of water shortages might be a reality in England later in the year given the recent snow and rainfall which has occurred , but there you are.  Yesterday I wrote to Tim Yeo, MP, Chairman of the Energy and Climate Change  and my own MP, Alan Reid, at Westminster and asked if the following had been pursued.

Whilst it's ten years since I lived in South Yorkshire I seem to remember dry summers were accompanied by the water levels of upland reservoirs being drastically "drawn down" and them displaying large expanses of exposed silt. Many of these reservoirs in both western Yorkshire and nearby Lancashire would have been constructed over a 100 years ago and so the accumulated volume of such material will not be inconsiderable.  The carrying capacity of these particular reservoirs will have been reduced accordingly, some quite drastically. I suggested a progressive system of deliberate draw down might be considered and the silt removed. Such "fines" might even have a commercial use and value for gardening purposes ( ought I to have patented the idea!!! ) !!

Whilst it may be all such ideas will have been considered by the utility companies, it's obviously worth raising given the repeated worries expressed each year which appear to get earlier and earlier in each calendar cycle!!!

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