Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another potential Michael Gove U-turn!!

I'm back to feeling in Blogging mode so I'll celebrate by "floating" this site again after an absence of seven months!!

And if we're looking for things to appraise we don't need to look very far!!  Michael Gove's ( Education Minister ) has done it again.  This time he's suggesting to Head Teachers that they can set their own term times, a measure that would give them more freedom. Except it seems most of the teaching fraternity think it's a poor idea!!  I actually believe Michael Gove to be a sincere and committed guy who genuinely strives for improvement. The problem is he seems to select bum steers........MG please don't turn to gambling!

Is this something which is being taken out of context and that all he's trying to do is to suggest the long summer holiday is too long and more of it should be used for teaching purposes? Fiddling about with term times is surely a recipe for mayhem. I suspect there will be many working Mums with two or three children who are worried sick this morning at the potential implications of having children away from school at different times. Worried too at the need for extra childcare facilities and the expense involved. To achieve what?  I would have thought there was a clear cut case for establishing fixed terms across the country so that everyone knew where they were!  Freedom to Head Teachers or political appeasement in the wake or in advance of other dopey ideas.

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