Monday, May 14, 2012

Why were they ever accepted anyway/

I don't know about you, but I'm getting increasing irritated by this Greece business. Why on earth were they ever accepted in the first place into the EU and, Thank God, our politicians have had the sustained resolve to avoid similar membership.

Given a nation state within which it was a "tradition" to avoid taxation, proudly declared by its peoples and the responsibility actively ignored, begs the question of how the country could ever construct a buoyant economy. With high unemployment and a somewhat limited number of primary economic constituents, how could this country ever be considered to compete or contribute within this idealistic construct?  Was it even fair on Greece from the beginning?  The European Ministers who initially approved such membership, raised aspirations  and created what now is an unholy mess, will undoubtedly be volubly justifying their flawed decision making abilities behind a curtain of waving hands and indignant self importance. The EU. a major, ill conceived dream in my view, essentially flawed from the beginning and something that should be overhauled in as short a time as possible. One hopes that these officials will work hard to  minimise the effects of the fall out which will inevitably accompany the withdrawal of Greece from the EU.

And what of the debt already accrued?  One hopes the country, which so eagerly accepted the bail out sums, will now do the honourable thing, assume its inevitable ( chosen? ) independence and repay its debts however hard that might be. To ignore such responsibilities will make it the pariah of Europe and face the consequences of an unsympathetic set of past neighbours who will possibly turn their backs on the wonderful tourism opportunities we've all enjoyed from time to time!  In many respects , a great shame and not all to be blamed on Greece either!

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